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International insolvency law - B. Wessels

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DATUM: 2006-11-01
ISBN: 9789013021165
TAAL: Nederlands


Wessels International Insolvency Law contains five themes. The publication starts in Chapter I with a detailed account of topics which nearly always emerge from cross-border insolvency cases and the solutions which have been chosen by legislation in certain countries to address these.Regional conventions (in Latin-America, the Nordic European countries, the OHADA Treaty in Central Africa) have been explained and several of the 'soft law' sources have been described. These include best practice rules from organizations such as INSOL International, the so-called Principles of European Insolvency Law 2003 and UNCITRAL's 'Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law' of 2004.In Chapter II the status of international insolvency law in the Netherlands has been updated. Despite the EU Insolvency Regulation being applicable to intra-community cases since May 2002, Articles 203-205 of the Dutch Bankruptcy Act remain relevant for cross-border cases with third-(non-EU)countries as will the general application by courts in the Netherlands of private international law.Chapter III deals with a description and analysis of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency of 1997. In this part Chapter 15 United States Bankruptcy Code, entered into force in October 2005, has been taken into account and comments have been included concerning the draft of the Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006, as presented in Great Britain in August 2005 as a draft Statutory Instrument.Chapter IV is a detailed commentary on the EU Insolvency Regulation of May 2002. The booming literature, originating from some ten jurisdictions, as well as some 150 court cases have been considered in this chapter.Finally, in Chapter V, some brief remarks are made as conclusions to the preceding chapters and identifying elements which may be relevant for future developments within international insolvency law. A comprehensive bibliography and a list of relevant websites is included. The book (in English) also appears as Volume X in the (Dutch) series Wessels Insolventierecht.

...NCITRAL. Course Coordinator: Ilya Kokorin, Lecturer in Company and Insolvency Law at Leiden University ... International Insolvency Review - Wiley Online Library ... . CONTACT. Wendy Rodger Programme Coordinator LLM (Adv) International Civil and Commercial Law Office for International Education / Leiden Law School T: +31 (0)71 527 1228 E: [email protected] METHOD OF INSTRUCTION. Interactive lectures and ... The course in International Insolvency Law (IIL) aims to give students profound knowledge and thorough insight in the theory and practice of insolvency law in a transnational and comparative context. The importance of studying insolvency in an international context has increased significantly over t ... International Insolvency Law Part II | Wolters Kluwer ISBN ... ... . The importance of studying insolvency in an international context has increased significantly over the past decades, with globalization of business turning insolvency into an international affair. Explores the influences between nations' insolvency lawsAnalyzes international jurisdiction issues and stresses the problems of parallel insolvenciesAnalyzes the complicated system that EC Regulation 1346/2000 has created and discusses whether the EC Recast Regulation will simplify itPresents the status quo in those countries that have incorporated rules of the UNCITRAL Model Law 1997 and ... New Editor for International Insolvency Review INSOL International and Wiley are delighted to introduce the new editor for International Insolvency Review, Paul Omar, who took up his post on 1st January 2017.We would also like to thank the outgoing editor, Ian Fletcher, for his 25 years of excellent service and dedication to the journal. INSOL International is a world-wide federation of national associations for accountants and lawyers who specialise in turnaround and insolvency. There are currently 44 Member Associations world-wide with over 10,500 professionals participating as Members of INSOL International. Follow us on LinkedIn Published on behalf of the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals More from this journal Other Resources Wessels International Insolvency Law Part I Global Perspectives on Cross-Border Insolvency Law is a first port of call on any question on international insolvency law for specialists (such as practitioners, judges and scholars), but also for those who are rather new to the subject, including legislators and students. International insolvency law. The moot promises to be a truly valuable experience. It is a unique experience in real-world international litigation. You will be able to fast track your knowledge of international insolvency law and present your case before panels of prestigious judges. LAW 7176 - International Insolvency Law ...